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My name is Annika Åström a graduated breeder from Sweden. I have had the name S*Metallica since the year 2000. The name is based on the fact that I focus on the colors silver and golden ”metallic” and also love to the band Metallica.

From the beginning, I only bred Persians in the colors silver and golden. My first chinchilla Persian came as early as 1985 and after that I was sold on these beautiful cats. My last chinchilla Persian was almost 16 years old when she fall asleep in the summer of 2021. Then my breeding had been dormant for many years due to old cats and also the fact that I thought the Persian had developed in a direction that I did not like with overly typed cats.

2021 I bought my first British Longhair in the color of Silver and today I have five beautiful silver cats in my cattery.