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Our goal is to breed as healthy cats as possible with good temperament, breed-typical traits and nice colors. Therefore, we test the health of all our breeding cats for heart and kidney defects (hcm and Pkd), so they have the greatest possible chance of producing healthy offsprings. To make sure that our breeding goes in the right direction towards breed standards and towards other cats, we participate in cat shows to get assessments from professional judges. As the breeding base for the silver cats is quite small in Sweden, we have also imported to get new lines.

When the kitten moves

The kittens move after they are 14 weeks old and bring with them:
• Pedigree (registration certificate) in SVERAK
• Inspection certificate from a veterinarian (within 7 days of issue)
• ID marking with microchip
• Basic vaccination according to recommendation
• Rabies and passport if it is sold outside Sweden
• The kitten is hidden fault-insured for 3 years (does not replace ordinary insurance that we want the new owner to have)
• Starter package with food and toy, among other things
• Lifelong support from us.

What we expect from you

We expect you to be aware that a cat lives a long time and that your home is where the cat will live for the rest of its life. You should also be aware that a long-haired cat requires a lot of grooming and bathing at regular intervals.

It is an indoor cat you buy that not should run loose outside but only stays outdoors on a leash or in an enclosure.

We also want you to keep the cat insured for the rest of it’s life.

Cat for Breeding

We only sell cats for breeding to already registered breeders.